Credit Repair Partner

For our clients who need to clean up or restore their credit, we offer *free (see restrictions below) credit repair with our partner Go Clean Credit.


  • FREE in-depth Consultation with a Go Clean Credit credit restoration professional
  • Go Clean Credit has been recognized several times as a Leading US Provider of Credit Restoration by Goldline research as published in FORBES Magazine (selected from 2500 companies researched)
  • Member of Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA)
  • Best of Scottsdale; US commerce Association
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Certified, FICO-Pro, Certified Expert Witness for credit litigation
  • Go Clean Credit has been in business since 2003 and has helped over 10,000 clients

·        Credit score increases 70-100 points (Average)

·        3-4 month program (Average)

·        What Go Clean Credit can remove:

          Short sales                          Bankruptcies               Repossessions

          Charge offs                         Foreclosures                Fraud           

          Late payments                    Collections                  Judgments

          Duplicate entries                Inaccurate/ Unverified Info

·        Go Clean Credit is partnered with an attorney firm

    • After a client's program, if there are still items they wish to pursue, we will send our attorneys the documentation from the client's program and they will pursue legal enforcement of deletion based on laws violated during the program.
    • Mortgage Credit Correction Program for removals of Short Sales and Foreclosures is a judicial, attorney-based process which results in a judgment to Delete the account or restate to "Paid as Agreed". We will send the judgment to all three bureaus and four mortgage databases for revised reporting. This service has a money-back guarantee and takes 3-6 months.

·      We also can refer your client to good, dependable positive tradeline products that can provide a significant credit score boost quickly.

*Free credit repair is offered if you chose to use America's All In One Real Estate Services to purchase your home.  Cost for the credit repair is credited at the time of close of escrow on the purchase of the home.