Exclusive UPick Seller Financing Program


  • Buy the home of your choice - you pick the home! - We provide the financing
  • Choose any home listed for sale in the MLS (bank owned, short sale, traditional sale and new builds)
  • We will purchase home you choose and sell to you with seller financing.
  • The price of the home is increased based on the purchase price you choose


Step 1:  Get Pre-Qualified

Our program is not credit driven or income driven, but we need to verify you can afford the payments.  We can still qualify with credit issues or income documentation issues.

First step for the U-pick program is to complete our online application here

Or contact us and we will help you get started:  480-721-7979 or 480-227-4554

 Step 2: Sign Agreement to Terms (we will prepare and send to you)

The agreement to terms provides a written agreement stating we will provide financing based on the terms selected during approval process

Step 3:  Determine the increase in price based on your qualified purchase price

 For homes with purchase price of $300,000 - $550,000

30 year fixed with 7 year term = 10% increase in price

 For homes with purchase price of $150,000 - $299,999

30 year fixed with 7 year term = 15% increase in price

 For homes with purchase price of $100,000 - $149,999

30 year fixed with 7 year term = 20% increase in price

 *Call for homes above $550,000 or below $100,000.

(all loans based on 30 year amortization with balloon due at end of selected term)

 Step 4: Select your down payment

Our U-PICK seller financing program is designed for a 20% buyer down payment.  We will provide financing of 80% of the home's sales price to you.

We will provide up to a 10% down payment assistance loan for borrowers who can afford to pay off this down payment assistance loan over a short time period of between one and 10 years.

This allows qualified buyers to purchase a home through our U-pick seller financing program with as little as 10% down, plus closing costs.

Click here to view our U-pick down payment and interest rate table.

 Step 5:  Find your home*

Ready to find a home?  Search the MLS for free on my Home Page.

When you find the home you like, we buy the home - for the best price possible (with any savings passed on to you).  You determine our offer price with our assistance.

You complete all inspections so you are satisfied with the condition of the home.

Once the sale closes, we then sell to you with seller financing based on the terms in the Agreement For Sale (which we send to you for review at time of approval for loan).

Closing occurs through a traditional title company

Independent account servicing company collects payments from you on a monthly basis

You are the equitable owner on title, receive the equity in the property and get the tax benefits


CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION #480-721-7979 or email Megan @ megancombs@arizonasellerfinancing.com 

 *We cooperate with real estate agents from other companies provided they agree to our program terms and guidelines. Have your real estate agent contact us to become an approved Realtor.